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Ministry of General Administration is an agency of Government of Nepal to regulate & manage the civil service as prescribed governments rules and regulations. To make the civil service more competent, responsible, motivated, transparent and service oriented, this ministry has been implementing the various structural & institutional reform programs continuously to activate the government human resource effectively and efficiently. Basically Ministry of General Administration is working as a central personnel agency to establish & develop the administration system more competent as well as functioning to coordinate and assist to the other ministries, which are operating the concerned employees of concerned services.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063, Civil Service Act, 1992 and Civil Service Regulation, 1993 are the fundamental rules and regulation for governing the employees and to discharge the duties. There is only one departmental level office called Nijamati Kitabkhana (Department of Civil Personnel Records) is working as a central hub record-keeping unit and pension book issuing agency of the whole civil servants as prescribed by government. To increase the capacity and efficiency of employees in time-to-time various training has been conducting through Nepal Administrative Staff College, which is a government autonomous organization. NASC is sole authority for local training to the government staff as well as to other agencies.

The Ministry is directly related with the public service commission which is responsible to recommend the appropriate process according to law. As a central personnel agency, the ministry should consult and coordinate with Public Service Commission for the policy decision making process and Public Service Commission should provide the recommendation and permission of the terms and condition related to civil service, security of the service, departmental action, service and group change and matter relating to promotion.

Except the jurisdiction of Public Service Commission MOGA shall audit the management of the Government Offices and submit the report to the Government of Nepal. On the management audit process, MOGA can check, monitor and evaluate the whole condition, whether the administrative rules and regulation is properly implemented or in the auditing process if it is needed to recommend the departmental action to any employees, It can too discharge its duties as prescribed by Civil Service Act as well as regulations. After the promulgation of this new concept of management audit, MOGA jurisdiction has expanded to cope with the challenges.

So many up and down is beared by the Nepalese Administrative History. The Ministry in its present form was established in 1981. Actually it is the outcome of frequent changes in the process of institutionalization of functions related to the development of administrative system in the country. Upto 1956, the then Ministry of State Affairs was responsible for the central administration of government, which was heavily concentrated on personnel administration. In 1957 the personnel administrative functions were transferred to the ministry of Home Affairs, and in the same year in line with the recommendation of the Administrative Reorganization Planning Commission, an organization and method section was created in the Ministry of Finance so as to initiate administrative reform measures. Again in 1958, Administrative Training Center as established as a separate institution to develop human resources. Consequently, in 1968 a separate department of Administrative management was established and made responsible for personnel administration, administrative reforms and training. These all scattered functions related to administrative development were brought together. Under one single umbrella. Although it was department by name, the status was equal to that of a Ministry. Permanent secretary under the portfolio of a Minister headed it. In 1981, the then Department of Administrative Management was converted into Ministry of General Administration. Which is situated in Singhadurbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.